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January 2011      

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  • President's Message

  • ABC Brokers Committee News

  • Legal Update: The Right Contract Provisions Can Eliminate Significant Claims

  • ABC 2011 Conference Announcement

  • Advantages of ABC Flyer Now Online

  • Risk Managers Make Their Resolutions

  • Insuring Goods in (Space) Transit

  • Governmental Action

  • Insuring the Riskier Side of Travel


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    ABC News
    President's Message
    David H. McClain, ABC President

    The ABC Board of Trustees would like to extend special thanks to Cooper Gay, Fitzpatrick & Hunt, our administrative staff, and all of the ABC insureds, brokers and underwriters who helped make 2010 another very successful year for the program, despite the difficult economic conditions. Our Fall Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida, received amazing attendance and outstanding feedback from attendees. Presentation topics included Pratt & Whitney’s geared turbofan, Bombardier’s C Series, and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The ABC also once again easily renewed its 100% subscription for 2010/11, with plentiful excess capacity.

    ABC Brokers Committee News
    ABC Brokers Committee

    The aviation insurance market overall continues to be extremely competitive due to the absence of market changing losses and the unrelenting oversupply of underwriting capacity.

    Legal Update: The Right Contract Provisions Can Eliminate Significant Claims
    Garrett J.Fitzpatrick, Partner, Fitzpatrick & Hunt, Tucker, Collier, Pagano, Aubert, LLP

    The United States District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana (New Orleans) recently issued an opinion granting Summary Judgment in favor of Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation based on their Sales Agreement with Petroleum Helicopters Inc (PHI). The Court's opinion provided both an interesting and complete review of the various legal issues surrounding the application of warranty provisions and limitations of liability in sales contracts.

    ABC 2011 Conference Announcement
    Aircraft Builders Council, Inc.

    The 2011 Aircraft Builders Council Annual Conference will take place September 18-20 at the InterContinental Boston in Boston, Massachusetts.

    Advantages of ABC Flyer Now Online
    Aircraft Builders Council, Inc.
    Want to learn more about Aircraft Builders Council? A handy two-page flyer is now online at the ABC website that outlines the advantages of the ABC program! This comprehensive document is a snapshot of the benefits of ABC as well as additional features of the program, and it can easily be printed or shared electronically with others. You can also contact the ABC office at info@aircraftbuilders.com to request a stack of full-color fliers for your office.

    More Industry News
    Risk Managers Make Their Resolutions

    Risk managers across Europe and North America resolve to raise their game in 2011.

    Corporate risk managers are preparing themselves for the challenges 2011 has in store. With little improvement in economic conditions and uncertainty still surrounding the financial markets, risk managers believe that their role will be more crucial than ever.

    Insuring Goods in (Space) Transit
    Private companies are getting ready to replace Nasa’s space shuttle. And like any other commercial operation they’re going to need insurance.

    Governmental Action
    Commonly, property insurance policies exclude loss caused by the destruction, confiscation or seizure of property by order of any governmental or public authority.

    Insuring the Riskier Side of Travel
    Travelling for business and pleasure is not without its risks, even when visiting some of the world’s most popular destinations. Flash floods in Australia, snow storms in Europe and shark attacks in Egypt are just a few examples of travel hazards to have hit the headlines in recent months.